Why should I subscribe?
This is the only place to subscribe to Aston Martin magazine and Yearbook. We will let you know your subscription is about to run out so you can reorder and keep receiving it seamlessly without missing an issue. If you are paying by Direct Debit, you will receive your magazine continuously and seamlessly without any interruptions.

Why do I need to provide a language preference?
We print the magazine in four languages (English, German, Japanese and Mandarin) and need to know which version your prefer.

The yearbook will only be supplied in English.

How do I change my name or address?
The easiest way to update your details is by emailing us at info@astonmartinsubscriptions.com’ but please remember to include your full details.

When will my first issue arrive?
We are working hard to produce and deliver magazines to all our customers. Due to the exceptional circumstances imposed on us by COVID-19, the dates we are currently working to may be subject to change. We will update publication dates as and when we have more information, so please check back here for any updates. Our tentative dates are:
  • Issue 45: May 2020
  • Issue 46: October / November 2020
  • Issue 47: December 2020 / January 2021
  • Yearbook: January / February 2021

Your first issue will normally start with the next available issues unless specified otherwise.
Yearbook subscriptions received up until 31st March will still receive the latest yearbook.
Subscriptions beyond the 31st March 2020 will be eligible to receive the next yearbook.

How long will my issue take to arrive?
All issues are mailed from the UK and therefore delivery time can vary from region to region.
Please allow the following timings for your publication to arrive
  • UK: 5 days
  • Europe: 7-10 days
  • USA: 14 days
  • Rest of the world: 14 days
I'm moving overseas and I am a current subscriber, can I still receive my subscription when I move? How do I organise this?
Yes, you can transfer your address to an overseas subscription by contacting us
at info@astonmartinsubscriptions.com. Please note, due to overseas delivery charges, the cost of postage may mean your subscription price is increased.

How do I renew my subscription?
Whether you are taking out a subscription for yourself or as a gift, we will send you a reminder before the end of your subscription.
To renew a subscription, visit www.astonmartinsubscriptions.com and re-order Please note if you have subscribed via Direct Debit, your payments will be taken automatically so you don't need to renew.
If you have subscribed by Direct Debit, you will receive an email from info@astonmartinsubscriptions.com asking you to complete your Direct Debit mandate via GoCardless. This is managed through our publisher, Illustrated London News.

Can I cancel my subscription?
Direct Debit subscriptions may be cancelled at any time however, depending on when you cancel, you will continue to receive your issues until the end of your last payment period.

Can I transfer my subscription to a different magazine?
Unfortunately not, however you can always add to your existing subscription.

Can I request a refund?
If you want to cancel your subscription within the first seven days of ordering then please contact us at info@astonmartinsubscriptions.com.
If your publication has been delivered we will deduct any delivery charges from the refund. We may also ask for the publication to be returned in its original condition before being refunded.

If I'm giving a gift subscription, do you send anything to the recipient?
No, all subscription communication will be sent to you other than the magazines / yearbook themselves.

When will my subscription expire?
If you have paid for your subscription with a credit/debit card it will be at the end of your term purchased – either receipt of three magazines or one yearbook

My issue hasn't arrived?
The magazines are usually delivered in April, July and October and the yearbook in December. Though we make every effort to ensure all our issues arrive promptly, sometimes they can be delayed or go missing. If your magazine hasn’t arrived, please contact us at  info@astonmartinsubscriptions.com. We will check your address details and arrange for a replacement copy to be sent to you straight away.

My magazine has arrived damaged?
If this occurs please contact us at info@astonmartinsubscriptions.com. Once contacted, one of our agents will arrange for a replacement copy to be sent to you straight away.

I've stopped receiving my subscription, what should I do?
To check the status of your account and to ensure your subscription has not expired, please contact us at info@astonmartinsubscriptions.com. One of our team members will be able to look into your account for you to find out the cause of this matter.

I live overseas. Can I still subscribe to one of your titles?
Yes – we deliver all our titles overseas. To purchase an overseas subscription click on the magazine you want. Select your country and the price for an overseas subscriber will display. Please note, overseas delivery will take longer than UK delivery, so please allow an additional two weeks to receive your overseas copies.

What do you do with my personal information?
We use your personal information provided (e.g. name, address, email address) to process your subscription order. Aston Martin is committed to protecting your privacy and we abide by a strict Privacy Policy regarding the Personal Data we collect from users of our services. Please see our Privacy Policy on https://www.astonmartin.com/en/legal/privacy-policy for further details.
This site is managed by isubscribe on our behalf. A copy of isubscribe’s Privacy Policy can be found on https://www.isubscribe.co.uk/privacy.cfm

I am having trouble purchasing a subscription online, how else can I buy one?
Please contact us at info@astonmartinsubscriptions.com and someone will contact you to help you with your subscription.

I have paid for my subscription by Direct Debit, how frequently are the payments made? Will I be notified each time a payment is taken?
We will deduct one payment per term, for example if you purchased a 12 month Direct Debit subscription we would take a one off payment within two weeks of purchase and then again after 12 months. You will receive the payment schedule at the time of order.

What is the price in USD$ or other currencies?
Prices will be converted by your credit card company at the current rate of exchange.

Will you confirm acceptance of my order?
In all cases where possible we will send email confirmation of your order within two hours. If we don't have an email address, or if the email address with which we have been provided bounces back, then we will contact you on one of the details supplied to ensure we have your correct details before your order is processed.